REPORT: Family Insider Reveals Who Ivana Trump May Have Left A Fortune To…

( Exclusive) – A lot of speculation is going on around the Internet concerning Ivana Trump leaving behind a vast fortune to the loved one who was with her at the end of her life.

According to a report published by The Western Journal, RadarOnline posted a piece that stated “millions” of dollars had been set aside in Ivana Trump’s will for the care of a special individual. That individual is her dog Tiger. Yes, you read that correctly. It seems Ivana left behind millions for her canine friend. Keep in mind, that’s just a rumor.

For those who might not know, Ivana was President Donald Trump’s first wife.

“Tiger was her best friend. She loved that dog,” RadarOnline reported that it was told by a family insider. “Tiger was always getting under her feet and snapping at everyone but her. Ivana didn’t care.”

Ivana’s will, as of this writing, has not been made public. According to the report from Radar Online, the pooch is now residing with one of Ivana’s assistants.

“Tiger was all she had. She died a single woman. Her children were grown up — and she would have been totally alone if not for Tiger. I wouldn’t be surprised if she left millions in her will to Tiger,” the source went on to say.

“She loved animals more than people,” the source added.

“As Ivana Trump’s Wednesday funeral approached, guests were asked not to bring flowers but to donate to Big Dog Ranch Rescue, a Florida-based nonprofit, People reported,” the Western Journal report said.

The rescue organization penned a tribute for Ivana Trump and then published it on its website.

“Ivana Trump was an incredible woman — a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and caring mother and friend. Ivana Trump was a survivor. She fled from communism and embraced this country. She taught her children about grit and toughness, compassion and determination,” the statement read.

“Ivana was philanthropically involved with many charities throughout her entire life, but always remained steadfast and passionate in her love for animals,” it continued.

“Ivana Trump’s funeral will be held at St. Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church in New York City, with Donald Trump and the couple’s three children — Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. — expected to attend,” the report stated.

Ivana Trump, 73, was found dead last Thursday in her Manhattan townhouse. The body was discovered at the bottom of a staircase. The New York City medical examiner ruled that she died of blunt impact injuries” to her torso.

What a tragic way to go. It’s sad to see the former Mrs. Trump is gone, but her legacy will most assuredly live on through her children.

As far as the rumors about the dog receiving her fortune, well, who can blame her? How many of us have animals we love and treasure, who have become members of our family? For those who don’t really have much in the way of family that lives with them, animals sort of fill that void.

Guess we’ll find out if the rumors are true soon enough.

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