Shocking Video: Election Officials Suspected Of Reprogramming Machines

( Exclusive) – A brand new video leaked by an unnamed source seemingly exposes that officials in the ever-controversial Maricopa County in Arizona might have tampered with voting machines, reprogramming them on three different occasions (October 14th, 17th, and 18th). Why would they do this? Well, the tampering ended up causing a whopping 59 percent of the machines to not work properly when GOP voters cast their ballots on Election Day in 2022.

According to Potus Toast, records recently obtained reveal that Maricopa County did a “secret” Logic and Accuracy testing on October 14th, without giving public notice, which is a legal requirement in Arizona, after the last test was performed on Oct. 11.

“Kari Lake’s attorney, Kurt Olsen, believes that the reprogramming of Maricopa County’s machines after certification is evidence that supports their claim of a rigged election. The machines failed to on Election Day, causing long lines, wait times, and disenfranchisement of Republican voters who turned out three times as much as Democrats,” the report said.

In the video, Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett put out a statement, under oath, saying, “Beginning on October 14th and occurring through October 18th, Maricopa County installed the new memory cards that had the certified Election Program. Due to the reformatting, the logs from the memory cards would have a start date of either October 14, 17, or 18.”

“The video allegedly displays County employees accessing sealed equipment, taking out programmed memory cards, and replacing them with reprogrammed cards. This unlawful testing was conducted without any documentation or logging of tamper-evident seals, which goes against the Elections Procedures Manual and the law. This is what is being claimed. I can’t say whether or not it’s accurate or inaccurate. That’s not my job. I’m just here to present the evidence,” Potus Toast stated.

Kari Lake War Room wasted no time publishing the video in a tweet, saying, “On October 14th, 17th & 18th, Maricopa County performed secret testing on the tabulators This was AFTER the legally required Logic & Accuracy test 260 of 446 tabulators failed They were used on election day anyway. Where 59% failed This is the story of a sabotage.”

At this point, you have to wonder how much evidence the judges presiding over cases of voter fraud need to see before they finally admit that progressive Democrats have been working to rig elections in favor of their own candidates.

One of the critical components of protecting the future of liberty in the United States is ensuring that our election system remains secure and free. We must take action to dissuade individuals from thinking it’s acceptable or that they can get away with rigging the system.

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