‘Something Isn’t Adding Up’: Newsmax Host Shows How Seized Trump Classified Docs Fit Into One Box

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – It’s really too bad that liberals refuse to watch any news outlets that actually give factual information. If they did, they could have learned from Newsmax host Greg Kelly that the number of actual classified documents found in President Trump’s possession at his Mar-a-Lago home is nowhere near what the mainstream propagandists are purporting it to be.

As you know, Trump has been indicted by Biden’s corrupt DOJ for having the documents in his home, you know, kind of like Joe Biden did.

Now Trump is facing a hundred years in prison for alleged violations of the Espionage Act along with other bogus crimes, according to Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Since leftists don’t actually deal in truthful information, ever, it’s not surprising that they’re wasting not a minute blowing this latest political witch hunt up to epic proportions. Rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth leftists have been blasting Trump on social media and TV shows, sharing pictures of rooms at Mar-a-Lago where stacks of boxes sit.

The number of boxes in the pictures sent the cackling hens on “The View” into a meltdown in which they ranted and rambled nonsense void of any truth.

Meanwhile, Twitter was rife with triggered liberals sharing pictures along with their overblown, ignorant indignation, acting as though Trump packed up every single government secret and shipped it to Florida:

The truth, however, is that all those boxes are deceiving and Kelly demonstrated that on his show Monday night and again on Twitter Tuesday morning.

The boxes contain absolutely nothing of any relevance regarding the bogus case being brought against Trump by the government. As a matter of fact, as Kelly pointed out, the number of documents found that are allegedly classified actually fit into just one box, with plenty of room to spare.

Newsmax had “Something isn’t adding up” at the bottom of the screen as Kelly discussed the documents.

Kelly tweeted, “Important: The CORRUPT Department of ‘Justice’ is trying to TAINT the American People (and Jury Pool?) w/ALARMIST photos that mean NOTHING! This is an absolute HOAX. (PS: the deep state ‘Leak’ classified docs ALL THE TIME to the Fake News who have no ‘clearance’!!)”

Kelly’s claims are backed up by reporting from the left-wing Washington Post detailing what the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago last summer when it raided Trump’s home:

“Inside the boxes, archivists found 197 classified documents, some extremely sensitive, the government alleged in court filings. That discovery set in motion the chain of events that led to the unsealing Friday of a 38-count indictment against Trump and Walt Nauta, a trusted servant.”

Of course they indicted Trump over this. The federal government and their media sycophants want to destroy Trump. The thought of him sitting in the White House is just too much for them. They can’t take the chance of leaving things up to voters.

The media is blowing these pictures way out of proportion, intentionally misleading their audiences, in an attempt to rig the 2024 election.

This is how they do it. They don’t need widespread fraud to take place. They use misinformation, lies, and propaganda to manipulate gullible, lazy Americans into voting the way they want them to. These people are sick.

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  1. Why do lifetime losers like little queer man william lavoie spell Trump so horribly folks ? Are they really this stupid ? Is it Trump Derangement Syndrome at its height ? Or is it ignorance combined with their stupidity ?

    Now , they know everything about their hero Brock 0bama , don’t they ?

  2. Talk about blowing and guess who shows up with his/it’s stupidity.. little queer man william lavoie with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    Typical 0bama worshipper folks , dumb as a box of rocks on welfare and food stamps.
    Little wonder why biden is defended by today’s clueless progressive trash including little william , just another gender confused loser folks.

    • good to know that your misguided trust in a con artist is still there. I guess you will stick with him even if/when he goes to jail for his crimes good to know he still has cultist followers like yourself keep up the bigotry and homophobia after all it seems to be all you have in your PATHETIC excuse for an existence. As for why i keep calling that 2 TIME IMPEACHED 1 TIME LOSER AND NOW 2 TIMES INDICTED tRUMP like i do is because i can!!!

    • LOL ..A sad little gay man with Trump Derangement Syndrome whining about homophobia and dreaming of Trump in jail. For the record, these two impeachments are similar to your life little gay man, they both failed miserably!

      Losers calling Trump a loser is just that ,isn’t that a fair statement?

      Happy pride month gayboy!

  3. It truly blows the minds of the responsible Americans when the progressive liberal trash continue to claim 0bama and sleepy Joe Biden are the most honest and honorable leaders ever, when , actually they are the MOST corrupt @holes that haven’t been charged with “Sedition and Treason “ .

    Where is the law folks ?

    • the LAW as you like to call it is finally going after the most corrupt individual to hold the office of president tRUMP for many of his CRIMES!! and as for for both Biden and Obama well when or IF they have committed legitimate crimes then they will be charged but as they have not then there is ZERO reason to compare them to that POS tRUMp!!

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      Why do gay men spell Trump like that william ? ..inferiority complex is my guess.

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