Trump Judge Claims Defense Should Have Started BEFORE Indictment!

( Exclusive) – What’s happening to former President Donald Trump with the numerous indictments he’s currently facing is an absolute abuse of America’s justice system and is infuriating to witness in real time. The latest outrage from this mess comes from a hearing that was held on Monday where Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding over the case involving his alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 riot, stated that Trump’s legal team should have started picking through evidence well before the indictment was made official. She then presented an argument against the 2026 start date the former president’s attorneys suggested for the 2020 federal election case.

Julie Kelly obtained a transcript of the hearing and highlight some comments made by Chutkan during the proceedings, publishing them on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, which had the judge saying, “the government hasn’t identified any cases in this district where the length of time between the indictment and trial was roughly five months, although they did point to the Manafort case in the Eastern District of Virginia, which went to trial roughly five months after the superseding indictment.”

Chutkan then remarked that “the manner in which the discovery in this case has been organized indicates that the government has made a considerable effort to expedite review.”

“Prosecutors had pushed back against the 2026 start date, arguing that Trump should already be familiar with much of the discovery materials, with prosecutor Molly Gaston writing in a previous court paper that around three million pages came from ‘entities associated with’ Trump,” Hannah Nightingale of The Post Millennial reported.

A massive amount of pages, numbering somewhere in the hundreds of thousands, have already been released to the general public, they went on to say, listed among them are “the defendant’s tweets, Truth Social posts, campaign statements and court papers involving challenges to the 2020 election by the defendant or his allies.”

According to Gaston, there were close to a million pages that came from the House Select Committee on January 6. Included in this massive volume of documentation were interviews and depositions that she pointed out were “already public in redacted form.”

“Chutkan, speaking to Trump’s attorney John Lauro, said that he didn’t need more time than to the March 4 trial date to review the millions of pages of evidence. She said that this evidence, though it may be new to Lauro, ‘is material your client created or material that your client’s lawyers, maybe not you specifically, saw and reviewed and had possession of before this case,'” Nightingale noted.

Lauro requested the start date for the trial be pushed off until April 2026 in order to provide the defense with enough time to sift through the massive amount of information and data, which is around 12.8 million pages, in the discovery phase that has been given to them by the Justice Department.

“For a federal prosecutor to suggest that we could go to trial in four months is not only absurd, it’s a violation of the oath of justice,” Lauro went on to say, as per a report published by the New York Times, saying, “We cannot do this in the time frame the government has outlined.”

“You suggest that the defense needs a substantial amount of time to investigate, for example. The existence of the grand jury investigating in this case has been known for — since September 2022, almost a year, has been public knowledge,” she commented.

Lauro then made the case that “there’s no obligation for any American citizen to start conducting their own defense during a grand jury investigation and prepare for a trial when we don’t even know what the issues are, what the charges are.”

Chutkan, oh so graciously agreeing with the basic premise of Lauro’s statement, replied by stating that while no obligation exists to do so, “a good defense attorney, knowing that their client was under investigation by a grand jury … would already start.”

The judge then slammed the notion of delaying the start of the trial by arguing that “it’s not an unveiling — a surprise he’s been indicted. You’ve known this was coming. Mr. Trump’s counsel has known this was coming for some time.”

Chutkan ultimately set a start date for the trial of March 4, 2024, which is just one day before Super Tuesday in the GOP primary race, where 14 states will head to the polls to cast their vote for who they believe should represent the Republican Party in the general election against President Joe Biden.

It just so happens the start date is also 20 days before the former president’s Manhattan trial is due to begin, which was brought forth by District Attorney Alvin Bragg concerning the alleged falsification of business records.

Trump, ever the fighter, has promised he will not go down without swinging for the fences, saying, “Deranged Jack Smith & his team of Thugs, who were caught going to the White House just prior to Indicting the 45th President of the United States (an absolute No No!), have been working on this Witch Hunt for almost 3 years, but decided to bring it smack in the middle of Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent’s campaign against him.”

“Today a biased, Trump Hating Judge gave me only a two month extension, just what our corrupt government wanted, SUPER TUESDAY. I will APPEAL!” he concluded.

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  1. I find it of interest how Christie and the left minded uninformed claim Donald Trump is and will be a DICTATOR. Everyone who has had parents or a parent in a home there were rules for conduct and consequences for breaking the rules. Let it be said and recognized that GOOD parents have rules for the best benefit of the family and children. Does the existence of these rules and consequences for violation of rules make the parents or parent DICTATORS?

    We have a constitution for government’s conduct. Democrat’s behavior demonstrates their mind set and opinion of LAWS is to be that LAWS are only weak suggestions, to be modified and changed to fit the desires of the corrupt. I find it of interest that they swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution (laws of our land) but in reality show themselves to be false to their sold honor and to ignore the guidance of the constitution and as one so called congressman quoted during Obamas non-health care fight “Rules. what rules, we make them up as we go along.

    Thus the accusation that Donald Trump will be a dictator is a corrupted mind and an undisciplined child who is bucking the good guidance of the Constitution with which President Trump guided the government and guided it better than those who bend and twist the laws to suit their corrupted ways.

    The democrats in following this dishonorable and corrupted minds are the insurrectionists and have been lying and shredding our country as they systematically and with pompous posture give it over to the evil ways of evil men.

  2. Biden is the terrorist. When he placed his dirty right hand on the bible to take thre oath of office he lied about defending the constitution of United States, He knew he was lying because he was thinking on how to make money selling his brand. along with his drug addict son, Jill should be ashamed of being Bidens wife. I took the oath to defend the constitution when i entered into the USAF. Even at my age of 68 if i was called upon to fight again i would.

  3. It is interesting how democrats want to use the 14th amendment to keep their parties opponent off the ballot claiming his participation in an supposed ” insurrection” against the Constitution. It is interesting that the opponents of the Constitution, the democrats, who have violated the Constitution at every policy and action they force upon us. They have put Obama in for his third term with Biden as the fall guy, ignored the border. actively violated the protections of the people in the first 10 amendments, attacked the medical rights of the people shutting down the country, the enacting a impeachment without a predicate, a clear violation, etc. The list is endless! The violations of law and the God given rights of those who support the Constitution and laws of our country is massive.

    The insurrection that has been taking place is the actions of the democrats who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The violating of the Constitutional rights of the people is the INSURRECTION OF THE DEMOCRATIC/LEFT NOT THE PEOPLE THEY HAVE PUT IN JAIL AND PROSECUTED IN THEIR KANGAROO COURT or the republican candidate, Donald J. Trump!

    “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

    The insurrectionists are the democrats!


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