VIDEO: Biden Bike Fall ‘Inspires’ Americans

( Exclusive) – Apparently, Joe Biden’s tumble off his bike — while stationary, I might add — in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware over the weekend, is inspiring Americans all over the country who seem to see the fall as a metaphor for what has happened to our great nation as a whole with Biden at the helm of the country.

Many individuals have taken to social media where they have expressed their creative sides by putting together a whole swath of memes that either feature photos of Biden actually falling or doctored pictures and even a few videos commenting on the event.

According to WND, among the many folks sharing their reaction to the incident is Sebastian Gorka, a former official from the Trump administration, as well as being a Fox News analyst. Gorka said, “The last 17 months. In one picture.”

Another user on the platform posted a picture of Biden wrestling with his bike on the ground, pointing out, “The President of the Free World, supposedly the most powerful man in the world wallowing around on the ground with his feet all tangled up. Basically the US right now.”

“Actor and conservative political activist James Woods noted how the leftist media covered for Biden, as he highlighted a headline in the Atlantic stating: ‘The Heroism of Biden’s Bike Fall,’ along with his personal caption of: “As The Babylon Bee slips to second place in the Satire Marathon…'”

Here are a few other observations from Twitter:

-“America has fallen and can’t get up.”
-“His fall is transitory like our inflation.”
-“We need common sense bike control.”

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  1. I cant fault him for falling off his Bike, But probably the best thing for the White House staff is to keep him off of anything that requires ANY COGNITIVE SKILLS at all he is just not up to the task, As for falling off his bike i have had my foot get caught up in the lock in pedals on my own bike and came close to falling myself but OLE JOE is just not up to the task. Maybe OLE HUNTER can use some of his money and purchase OLE JOE a stationary bike to use in HIS BASEMENT. If he cant walk up a flight of stairs, WHY WOULD HIS STAFF THINK HE CAN RIDE A BIKE?


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